Friday, June 3, 2016

How are you? Maybe you're wondering what has happened to us? Wow - let ...

How are you? Maybe you're wondering what has happened to us?

It seems ages since I sent out a newsletter. I am so looking forward to chatting with you again.  Where have we been? Well I guess mainly because we are so active on facebook that we seem to chat there and share a lot, however, not everyone is connecting on facebook with us and I wanted to say hi and stay in touch.
It seems like we have disappeared and possibly even lost our path, this is absolutely not the case.
We have been really busy building a new website - why?
If you have been around a while you may know that I (Lesley) have rather sensitive skin, looked for a soap alternative, started making/stocking it. One thing led to another, the crafters jumped on board and fast forward a few years as Daryll & I are standing in the driveway watching a
semi trailer back down the driveway with 8 tonnes (yes 8000kgs) of soap base on it. We looked at each other quizzically and asked "when did we start a soap business?".
However, we have not lost our way at all, we love the natural soaps, they are great with our clinic clients with skin  sensitivities, terrific for creativity which keeps the Chi flowing and assists people to stay young (that's a story for another time).
HEART TOUCHING MOMENTS: We have been very involved with several small businesses (as practitioners / healers / teachers/ retail stores / soap makers / etc (and some very cool start up businesses - again another time for a story).
Some days I wonder if it's all worth it, so much work and when assisting small businesses we do not get paid or renumerated for it in any way other than karma and blessings. However last week I was trying to find time for a cup of tea when I received a phone call from a client I had assisted to build a small business. She timidly and gratefully told me that due to her having her own business and a small income it was enough for her to keep her children. I think we were both in tears on the phone and I felt so grateful to be able to change peoples lives in such profound and humanly important ways.
I was delighted to have another book published in USA last month (which I will share with you soon)
Getting back to the new website, in line with this thought, the mould making/soap/craft side of Renascent has expanded so much that we felt it was time to step out on its own, to move away from Renascent College and have its own personality and breathing space.
The new website can be found at
Whilst it's still in the being built phase you can purchase supplies, beautiful gifts and take a workshop with us all on this site and new products are added daily.
Once this is completed we will also be able to reinvent RenascentCollege (our centre of health and healing) with new classes, correspondence courses and lots of videos and blogs to share with you. We are really looking forward to getting back to this.
I am extremely honoured to have been invited to be a guest artist at an exhibition with Denise Keele bedford, to open on Thursday next week at Montsalvat and I would love to invite you to come to a "meet the artists" talk on Thursday June 9th at 11am
. There is no charge for the talk and you will be able to share our exhibition with us. The exhibition itself will run untilJuly 3rd.
If yiou have not been to Montsalvat, it is an alluring venue where you feel like you have stepped back in time
You can read a review on what to expect here:
and on Montsalvats direct website here:
I have entered a book in a prestigous publishing contest and have all my fingers and toes crossed for it to be accepted. Any blessings and well wishes gladly received (I'll let you know).
 We hope you are well and life is rich and blossoming beautifully for you - We are loving connecting with people all aroudn the world on their beautiful journeys of upliftment and unfolding.
We are so looking forward to what is currently unfolding as people speed up on their awakening. If you would like to energetically reconnect, come and join us in a Qi Gong class or connect with us in some of our mediums below.
We look forward to it:
Qi Gong Practice class on Fridays 9.30-10.30am
I (Lesley) will be a student in this class and would love to have you join me. Your first class is free, no bookings required, then casual classes are $20 or you can buy a pass for $160 which is stamped for the next 10 classes you attend ($16 per class).
There will also be
Qi Gong Practice class on Wednesdays 7-8pm
and for our dedicated students and those that wish to train as istructors
Qi Gong Instructor Training class on Wednesdays 8-9pm
We look forward to seeing you, Kindest regards & blessings
Kindest regards & blessings

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Well I have tried coffee luwak so I guess why not try gecko poop.

I guess the only difference is that the coffee luwak was a conscious choice to consume, the gecko poop - maybe not so .
As a writer I regularly write into the wee hours of the morning usually with a cup of tea by my side so last night was no different.
I was a little hungry so I got up and had a couple of biscuits the fact that the biscuits never came anywhere near the tea is relevant later on in the story.
Sometimes it takes a while when I'm writing, i get immersed with what I'm doing and the tea can sit on the side for a little while.
knowing that the biscuit did not come anywhere near the tea, should have been my first alarm point.
But no, in hind sight of course I drank the tea right down to the last drop.
Finding the lump in the bottom and assuming it was only biscuit of course I chew into it, but this piece of soft biscuit was different than normal - it was slightly gritty and felt chalky and strange.
Spitting it out into my fingertips I was horrified to discover it was pure white.
Oh dear, mister gecko scoreboard 1, me scoreboard well below 0.

It is amazing how when you walk into a spider web you are instantly transformed into a ninja warrior with arm flailing about everywhere and wild strategic moves.

I will actually admit it is not much better when you finally realise that you have just inadvertently eaten gecko poop - instead of wild ninja moves you are filled with a screwed up face, a hacking sound and are running to find a towel to wipe out every liquid and solid part that is contained within your mouth. At this point there is actually very little you can do about it other than to go ack,ack,ack.

The worst part is the memory does not go away and when you wake up the next morning you are still gagging and wiping at your teeth unable to shake the memory off - off to the. Store for a new cup!

So now I have a cup with a lid on it you will have to plot other ways to get your revenge sneaky Mr. Gecko - I'm on to you now.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Go Ahead, Impress me if you can!

I've been travellling for years and its not that I don't love a good brunch buffet any less than anyone else, but when you have shared so many - they do tend to become a little the same.

So it was with a slight reticence that I booked into the French inspired weekend brunch at the Sofitel, Nusa Dua.

Impressed, hmmm yes, perhaps thats an understatement.
From the beautiful French waiters, right through to the toilets where the kids spent ages! Well really, give them a toilet that comes with its own remote control, that washes, dries, warms and gently heats and what do you think they are going to play with. Even the toilet staff who warmly thank you for using their facilities on the way out.

Everything about this place is just fun!

Read the entire article HERE

Amazing Sweets and treats and you (and the kids) can eat as much as you want. No unhappy children here, they are too delighted to be in a land similar to Willy Wonkas.

Well that was a refreshing new shopping change to Kuta!

If your distant memories of Kuta are that of a crazy beach filled with beach vendors and people offering you things which they probably shouldn't be offering you, followed by crazy dusty markets where almost anything goes, you may be surprised to find that a new type of shopping experience has emerged.

Perhaps you just need a day to escape the heat and craziness. This place may be just the ticket, with frozen frappacinos, gourmet foods and treats in the basement and one of the best views of Kuta to sip a cocktail over.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Need to get a "do" in Bali?

Funky Hairstyles
Arriving in Bali for a wedding or a fancy affair or would you just like to have a little mini make over?

Now you can, at SPOILED in the Umalas, they will do you all up to perfection, including perfect Blonde highlights, yes Blonde!!! In Bali!
Great Colours including Blondes!


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Sunday, May 3, 2015

UC Silver - Breathtaking!

Half way between Ubud and Sanur you may notice an amazing site of huge metal dragonflies all over a building with weird carvings.
This is the home of UC silver!
The level of amazement begins as you enter through the gates but it certainly doesn't stop there. As soon as you arrive you will be ushered down to the workroom where you can see all the pieces being hand made (I don't think I'll ever stick a silver fork in my moth without first appreciating the work in it again).

It is fascinating to realise how much in the way of jewellery you had taken for granted or never even thought about before. Once you have finished in the workroom, you will be ushered up to the showroom. The upstairs level is reserved for the seriously wealthy, with outrageous price tags, one water jug I liked was US$6000.00, however its free to browse and its pretty interesting.

The downstairs showroom is still expensive but possibly affordable, especially compared to Western prices. 

There is no obligation to purchase anything and although a sales person will follow you around with an ever present basket to put your choices in, you can thank them and leave with nothing but a ngreat experience.
There is no entry fee and if you have a spare 15-60 minutes, it is definitely worth the look.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

An indulgent 5 star day out when you aren't staying 5 star

Calling all backpackers, those who like 5 star resorts but can't afford them, or those staying elsewhere who would like a change of scenery.
There is a way to make use of these beautiful resorts - legitimately!
*Ahem, cough, cough* Not that I would suggest anyone sneak into 5 star hotels, nick a towel and pretend they are paying guest to use the pool facilities, you no longer have to. Now you can do it all above board and have a great day out.

Take a trip to Tanah Lot to the Pan Pacific Nirwana Resort.
Enter the lobby and progress past the awe inspiring beach views, stopping briefly to take in the majestic sight of Tanah Lot temple without the tourists, take a few photos and head to the pool area.

It's a grand affair with several pools, lagoons, 2 water slides, resting bales overlooking the pool, sleeping huts overlooking the beach and great restaurants.

You can advise you wish to use the facilities for the day, pay 200,000rp per person + Tax (AUD$25), they will warmly welcome you, give you an arm band and allow you to get changed and enjoy all the facilities.

Then when you are ready to eat, flash your wrist band and your food bill, up to the amount you paid will be deducted from your poolside credit. Although the food is at resort prices, you should be able to get a mains, dessert and drink (non alcoholic) for your 200,000rp price.

When you have finished for the day, you can take a pool side shower, get changed and perhaps enjoy a coffee by the pool before heading back, relaxed, enthused and perhaps slightly sun kissed.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Hant Drumming Experience in Ubud

We were honoured and delighted to be invited to take part in a HaNT drumming class with  Sergi Kampanella at the absolutely amazing ‎Santa Mandala.

Set high over a breathtakingly beautiful gorge, we made music together, but more than music, the healing vibrations lifted you and soothed your soul in much the same way as a healing session.

The HaNT Drum is a modern tonal drum from the same family of instruments as Tibetan bowls, bells, or a Shaman’s tambourine. It is a great guide to meditative reality. Playing the drum you can immerse yourself as a creator of this new cosmic music, interweaving your personality into the symphony of the Universe.

We were delighted to metaphorically waft back down the mountain to Ubud and embrace our HaNT healing. If you get a chance you may like to connect with Sergi or buy one of his amazing drums for around 3million rupiah (AUD$300).

You can connect with ‎Santa Mandala Here
and Sergi here

Thursday, April 23, 2015

It's my Birthday - and there's no one here!

My lovely Bali friends threw me a wonderful birthday bash, but it is strange being away from friends and family for so long.
My darling hubby struggled as he couldn't organise an event or gift personally, so here's my birthday present from him............ a song he wrote and played and all the best parts are the wonderful souls with their best wishes, I'd love to share it with you.

The biggest pizza in Bali

Tartufo is run by a dedicated chef and a friendly happy team of staff and you'll find wonderful Italian food here. My son decided that he was an especially hungry teenager and could cope with very large pizza - you can see the results of that order here and I think it is the first time he was ever unable to finish a pizza. Rest assured, the wonderful stuff that Tartufo even organised a take home box for him.

You can read more here

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hot Springs in a volcanic caldera

Somehow a trip overseas is always better with hot springs!

In North Bali you will find the Batur Hot springs.

You firstly need to head to Mt Kintamani, pay the road entry tolls and fight through the hordes of sellers attempting to extract any sale from unsuspecting tourists.
Head down the mountain and into the caldera around the lake, following on from the road down (which - take it slowly - is an experience in itself) you will come to a strange moonscape location where the lava from the exploded volcano leaves an eerie reminder that all was not well at one point in this part of the world.

Arriving in the small village there are several hotels, resorts and places you can take a dip in the natural hot springs.

We had met a man along the road delivering his wifes lunch at the most exclusive resort and were guided by him to her workplace.

I cant remember exactly what we paid, but it wasn't so cheap - actually we ended up putting it on a visa card - perhaps around $20 pp.
For this you received a welcome drink and entry to the 3 lagoon pools and one huge swimming pool - all fed by warm natural mineral waters.
It was freezing the day we came up, we rode motorbikes and had been caught in icy rain so badly we were quite numb, so to slip into the warm waters was certainly most welcome.

If coming up from Ubud (or further south) plan to have most of a day to do this, the drive is around 1.5hours from Ubud, 2 hours from Sanur/Kuta and you will want to spend a few hours here and perhaps stop for lunch and shopping at Tegallalang on the way home.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

How to Get Online & Make Calls From Bali Cheaply

Phone Calls,Data,Facebook,Digital Nomads,Cheap Connections
Upon arriving in a new country, one of the most difficult things can be how to stay in touch with friends and family at home or how to connect with people you were traveling with in the country you have arrived in.

Many Australians have returned home from a lovely holiday in Bali only to be shocked by the exorbitant fees that have become attached to their telephone plan.

Recently my friends arrived back in Australia from Bali and were horrified to receive a $7000.00 phone bill. They had not realised how much data Facebook used and had made a couple of phone calls. They argued the point with Telstra and finally had their bill reduced to $3000.00, but still a crushing blow after a nice holiday.

However there is a way around this and it is actually rather simple once you know how to do it.
Click here for a full article including how to make cheap calls