Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What's the news? Catch up Time!

I've been rather slack at getting posts up lately - why? We've been adventuring non stop.
So right now we are back in Melbourne for Christmas - but only for another 2 weeks, then we settle in to Bali life for a while.
So what's coming up to share with you:
  • Ubud Life
  • Looking at 4 schools - and yes we have made a decision for 2015 schooling!
  • Silver Smithing Classes
  • Living in a villa / house / cottage
  • Our home(s) for 2015 - Yes there's more than 1
  • An adventure to Sanur
  • Shopping Prices
  • Dining in a tent or on a ridge - some unique adventures
  • Kopi - Luwak - oh yes, we tried it!
  • Curing headaches an unusual way
  • A visit with Ketut Liyer (from the movie Eat, Pray, Love)
  • Healing the heart - some lovely transformations
  • A body treatment which I'm not quite sure if I was nurtured or violated - hmmm jury's out still - hehe
  • Our non english speaking staff and our very long conversations - OMGoodness, it takes hours sometimes
  • Settling in a remote village
  • A rather unorthodox marriage and relationship
  • Visas, the trials, the dramas and the headaches and now an easier option
  • Some of the best restaurants in the world
  • Ice cream with healing properties
  • A promised cure for cancer through food
  • CHOCOLATE - need I say more?
  • Organic farming
  • Speakeasy nights
And this list is just a few! 
See we have so much to catch up on - stay tuned and subscribed and I'll catch you up soon.
Meanwhile have a lovely festive season with blessings and wishes for abundance and joy.

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