Friday, April 24, 2015

Hant Drumming Experience in Ubud

We were honoured and delighted to be invited to take part in a HaNT drumming class with  Sergi Kampanella at the absolutely amazing ‎Santa Mandala.

Set high over a breathtakingly beautiful gorge, we made music together, but more than music, the healing vibrations lifted you and soothed your soul in much the same way as a healing session.

The HaNT Drum is a modern tonal drum from the same family of instruments as Tibetan bowls, bells, or a Shaman’s tambourine. It is a great guide to meditative reality. Playing the drum you can immerse yourself as a creator of this new cosmic music, interweaving your personality into the symphony of the Universe.

We were delighted to metaphorically waft back down the mountain to Ubud and embrace our HaNT healing. If you get a chance you may like to connect with Sergi or buy one of his amazing drums for around 3million rupiah (AUD$300).

You can connect with ‎Santa Mandala Here
and Sergi here