Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Go Ahead, Impress me if you can!

I've been travellling for years and its not that I don't love a good brunch buffet any less than anyone else, but when you have shared so many - they do tend to become a little the same.

So it was with a slight reticence that I booked into the French inspired weekend brunch at the Sofitel, Nusa Dua.

Impressed, hmmm yes, perhaps thats an understatement.
From the beautiful French waiters, right through to the toilets where the kids spent ages! Well really, give them a toilet that comes with its own remote control, that washes, dries, warms and gently heats and what do you think they are going to play with. Even the toilet staff who warmly thank you for using their facilities on the way out.

Everything about this place is just fun!

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Amazing Sweets and treats and you (and the kids) can eat as much as you want. No unhappy children here, they are too delighted to be in a land similar to Willy Wonkas.