Sunday, October 31, 2010

An Abundant Singapore

With such mixed feelings we departed Bali and arrived in Singapore around 3pm.

You may recall earlier on in this trip Daryll and I had put a theory of abundance to the test.
A long time ago we had a series of experiences that led us to realise the abundance of the universes is widely available to travellers and can be accessed by request.
We realised that all you needed to do was ask for it and trust that all would be provided.
On several occasions since then we spent a little more than the budget allowed and simply requested to the universe to replace it.... then trusted!
Upon returning home we always found in some strange way the amount we had spent had been exactly replaced (I will write a new article on this soon & explain how it is done / works).
In Bali this time, the universe had created some situations where instead of making a financial choice we were co-erced to choose both, again, as if by magic, the funds appeared.
I had sent out a 'manifesting abundance' email to our mailing list before we departed and had been sharing tips and techniques with both the healing circle and the spiritual development circle on creating abundance and manifesting your requests.
During this journey Daryll had been immersing himself in healing energies and prayers and I had been communing with spirit greatly, offering assistance where required and following the abundance mediation daily.
Things were flowing beautifully.

For us, Bali had been our reconnection, Singapore was really (in our minds) an expensive add on so we didn't have 10 hours sitting in the airport and the kids could visit universal studios.
We really weren't expecting anything else.

AFTER we booked the airline tickets, we realised that we arrived on race day of the grand prix and EVERY hotel was fully booked - never mind that the price jumped from $130pn to $600pn just about everywhere.
Interestingly as always, there was nothing we could do about it, so off we went.

Unable to get accom' we visited several travel agents - they too came up with nothing, 1 finally called back and said "good news - I've got a family room on sentosa island for you - available for 4 nights - it's US$2900.00 per night - OK?"
Hmmmm................ let me think about that - uh nope! (US$12,000.00 for 4 nights - just think what the orphanage could do with that sort of money - I think better allocated elsewhere)
So that wouldn't work.

Just before departure I sat down and meditated, a website immediately popped into my mind that I had never heard of, quick internet check and - yes - they existed - (Don't you love it when that happens?)
They suggested the Novotel as we could have both kids in the room, however only triple not quad rooms were showing, however if we wished to upgrade to the exec' floor - yes there were vacancies with a quad.
It was AUD$40pn more to upgrade which the (unknown to me) website promised would provide the upgrade, complimentary cocktails and canapes, full buffet breakfast, gifts for the kids, internet access, club lounge, etc, etc
OK - book it ! DONE!

Oh, my goodness, the thoughts then begin, "I've never heard of this website, I just gave them my credit card, what if it is some strange man in his apartment in the middle of Africa promising other people that he has a spare $10M from a deceased uncle which he will drop into their account and split with them if they just give him temporary access to all their banking details as he's having a few temporary 'governement concerns' which are restricting his own account. What if the booking doesn't exist and we have no where to stay, what will we do, we'll be homeless in the middle of Singapore"
Oh for goodness sake, "mind - stop this nonsense, you'll be fine, it's a credit card, you can contact the bank, there will be somewhere else anyway, CHILL out!".
OK, phew - it's fine, cup of tea required..............

The afternoon dawns, we arrive in Singapore, on board the flight I was ritually practicing my daily abundance meditation. Most thoughts of abundance and being spiritually guided are forgotten.

Isn't it funny how we tend to have pre conceived ideas about the universe only providing lessons in certain places.
EG - I'm on my way to India - here I will be spiritually awakened and my life's path will unfold before my eyes, I'm on my way to Bali - my heart will open and I will be swept away in a sea of bliss, I'm on my way to Singapore - fantastic to visit trade fairs, solve business deals and create financial opportunities for trade.
We set these restrictions in place for ourselves so many time with a past or preconceived idea about what the experience holds for us, forgetting to "BE" to allow any opportunity to come to us no matter where we are.
It makes sense that if you are communing with spirit, or on a path to find yourself, or destined to meet your true love and soul mate, it doesn't matter a hoot to spirit whether you are in Ballarat or Beijing. Venus still exists in the sky and universal energies still surround us no matter what path we take.

Standard Singapore Taxi
 We depart Changi airport (streamlined, clean and simple as always for efficient Singapore)
As far as I am concerned, this is the business end of the deal, get a taxi, go to the hotel, do some shopping, visit a theme park, eat some expensive food, go home....................

The kids are tired and we trudge out and wait in the taxi line, a queue of standard taxis line up and one by one people are placed in them and zipped off to their next destination.

Singapore limousines
 Our turn arrives and the next car slides up, but instead of a taxi - it is a shiny white limousine.

Daryll proceeds to load luggage in (he's so funny, his energy is always - "well, that is correct, madame, this is EXACTLY the sort of service that one would expect - it is my right to the royal treatment")
I tug on his sleeve and tell him I heard that the limo's have a much higher flagfall than the standard taxis and will cost triple the price, Oh, he steps back and turns to the assistant, who over-hearing my comment replies "Yes, mam, that is correct, if you order one, but this is next in line, so it will be the same price, please alight"

Ohhhhhhh............. OK, jolly good show, the limo driver ushers myself and the children then Daryll into the limo - couldn't have HIS guests lifting their own luggage!

All boarded in, we depart for the Novotel, used to 5 star clients, the driver is eloquent, well educated and proceeds to share his thoughts and travel tips with us.
The kids look out the window and sigh with pleasure at their comfortable wide seats, Gabe grins and says "well, isn't this nice mum" we all nod approvingly.

The usual kids bickering stops, they smile at us and each other, they look out the window interested in where they are (instead of the usual electronic devices that would have otherwise occupied them in a cramped taxi).

It dawns on me, why abundance is provided by spirit, for surely when you are comfortable in your surroundings you are able to connect with spirit more easily.
I am reminded of a visualisation I shared with my ongoing development circle where I asked them to close their eyes and picture themselves living in a hovel. See the dirty floors and the cockroaches running around, see the dust everywhere, feel the cramped environment with everyone in each others way and imagine the dirty street with drug dealers outside your window. Notice how you feel. Now sit down in this environment and meditate - commune and connect with spirit, send blessings out into the world, open your eyes and see your children/friends/partner and notice the love (or lack thereof) you feel to them.
Freshly made tea and coffee
Then allow that image to fade, image yourself walking into your home, it is clean, fresh, their are lovely flowers on the bench, a beautiful view into a well kept, quiet garden, friendly neighbours, the bills all paid, a bowl of tropical fruit sitting next to the freshly made tea/coffee.

Now sit down in this environment and meditate - commune and connect with spirit, send blessings out into the world, open your eyes and see your children/friends/partner and notice the love you feel to them.
It is noticeably easier in the 2nd scenario to feel connected and spiritually awakened.

Delicious tropical fruits

Hence we realise the importance of taking the time to make the very best of the environment that you are in, how everything you do can and will assist you to attain greater connection and therefore greater abundance in your life.
Too often in society we are told it is not godly to have wealth, that you must suffer to follow your spiritual path - yet in the above scenario, we realise the exact opposite.
I would love you to say this to yourself every day "It is my RIGHT to be abundant" It is!
When you are abundant, you are free to love, to send blessings out into the world, to do good deeds for another, to be the best you can be.

Some suffering often happens in our lives, it teaches us lessons and assists us to grow, but in almost all cases of people I have worked with (particularly in the western world), they are not meant to live in abject poverty. It is their right and their path to have their needs met and to blossom with abundance. In all cases of clients and students I have worked with, their abundance levels and manifestation skills have increased by following a visualisation and learning procedure and / or having a healing abundance balance done with myself or Daryll.

This means that if this change can occur for all of them, it is NOT their life path to be stagnant, they ARE meant to grow and blossom........................ however I digress............... more of this in another article, back to Singapore!

Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay
 We arrive at the Novotel and proceed to check in (all thoughts of the dodgy booking are gone from my mind - I feel connected and 'know' all is good)

They look up our name and quickly make a phone call, immediately a lady arrives at our side "welcome Mr & Mrs Mitchell, I am your personal assistant for your stay here, this is the check in for our standard guests, I will be escorting you to the 24th floor for you priority check in if you would be so kind as to come with me - Oh, no please do not worry regarding bringing your luggage - that is what your personal concierge is for".

We are promptly ushered into the private lounge, the kids are settled and offered any form of drink they would like (with their own waitress), a steaming pot of tea, coffee, milk and lumpy hand made sugar (I love those brown lumpy sugars) arrives served in silver pots for Daryll and myself.

The view of Singapore is just magic and the kids begin pointing out land marks they know.
Emma has been studying the Sands Sky tower at school and is thrilled to have a perfect view of it.

The Sands Sky Tower at night across Singapore

Paperwork solved, we meet our "team" of staff and are warmly welcomed to use the lounge at any time we like. They apologise profusely by saying that as children are not allowed in the lounge during breakfast and cocktails they have organised for us to share the (larger) buffet breakfast downstairs every morning and if we would like to visit the cocktails lounge on the 7th floor please order anything you like on the house and we will bring down some snacks if you like.

Fine by us!

We check into the room (in fairness, it is fine and comfortable, not the flashy 5 star we may have expected - but comfortable and clean)
We share some wonderful snacks and ice cold lemonades in the lounge where we are treated like royalty.

It is getting on now, so we decide to go for a stroll along clarke quay. We are horrified at the prices of food here and begin to think the cocktails and canapes may be all the kids are getting for dinner here - perhaps combined with a cup of 2 minute noodles we brought from Bali.
HUGE ice cream sandwiches for $1
Crossing the bridge the kids are excited to see the "ice cream sandwich man - just like on the amazing race -  Ppplllleeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeeeee - can we have an ice cream - it's only $1"
OK, the ice cream man proceeds to cut a HUGE chunk of ice cream off in their chosen flavours (mango, coffee, durian, yam, chocolate, etc,etc) and place it between wafers - it is enormous and YUUUUUMMM! really good!

Deciding that this could take quite some time to eat we stroll along the Quay, munching massive ice creams.

Korean ladies showering Emma with Gifts and blessings

Emma encounters a group of Korean women who are here as part of a promotion for Korea, they are charmed by Emma and shower her with gifts of hand made flower brooches.
It seems the gifts and blessings just keep flowing.
I realise that the blessings we received in Bali are still continuing and it is with great delight we recognise the connection to spirit and the universe that exists no matter where we go.

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