Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chocolate Lovers Heaven

Hersheys Chocolate World Singapore

A happy day ended at Universal Studios - what more could you want?

Leaving the main gate into the coolness of the night air, we glance over to discover .......................
 THE HERSHEYS OUTLET - Oh my goodness, how did we miss that on the way in.

Yes, that IS a real Hersheys bar

For those (unlike myself) who do not have an unhealthy addiction to Reeses peanut butter cups this may not be earth shattering, to those who have yet to try these, you need to have one to understand the depth of my passion, add to this the fact my daughter has a peanut allergy which means - none of these get eaten except by ME! so they are safe to store in the fridge for when I want them (Daryll knows better than to touch them & Gabe whilst he too loves them, just knows they are off limits without direct offering, nope, they're mums - don't even ask!)

Enter Chocolate lovers heaven..............................

We weren't here very long, I think it was only 1-2 hours at the most.

A little bit of syrup never hurt anyone - did it?

Oh, the decisions, can we take it home, will we be allowed to take it through customs (the answer, yes if it is sealed and you declare it), will it melt, how many kgs can I actually carry around for the rest of the night.............

Oh the dilemmas!

Daryll patiently waited outside (strangely enough it is not really of great interest to him - something a bit wrong there I think just between you & I, maybe he was dropped when he was little, it's certainly not hereditary as his mother understands quite where I am coming from and it seems his brother gets it too!)

Hershey's Syrup - enough for all!

Uh, Oh - too much chocolate!

Decision made - wait for it - not sure if you'll be proud or disappointed with us. Gabe & I choose a Hersheys hot chocolate mug each (a real one to drink out of - not made from chocolate), Emma - a cookies and cream bar and a bag of reeses caramel clusters as a gift!


Phew - we made it out without too much damage, rounded the corner bag in hand and WHAT IS THIS!

Another outlet, with chocolate trees outside covered in candy and even bigger than the last - Nooooooo!

It's Candylicious!

I'm not even going to tell you what's in here - you have to go and see it for yourself, but it is amazing and yes, they do have a chocolate cafe and a chocolate ice cream store within..............

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