Sunday, October 31, 2010

What is this thing in my cake?????

Arriving early for high tea at raffles, we wandered through the shops and always enjoy looking at the bakery stores (I previously worked as a french pastry chef and love to look at the new creations)

We marvel at the amazing cakes on display and the kids are begging and pleading for one - not a chance we tell them as we are about to have high tea at Raffles

They made these amazing Earl Grey tea cakes with entire chocolate sphere with cut outs - beautiful!

However on looking further, I notice on some of the cakes, this very strange looking object (see below in the Rum Baba cakes)

What am I looking at, it's funny how your mind plays tricks like this.

What could this be, it is shiny and appears to be glass, but why would there be glass in the cake.

Look at the Rum Baba Cakes - what is that?

The only other thing I've ever seen that resembles something like this is inserted where the sun doesn't shine, so I am sure this would not be on a cake????

I finally convince myself it is a lolly (candy) and that is why it is shiny.

As everything is so delicate I am confused as to why they have a large hard lolly on the cake, but I can't work out anything else so I am convinced that must be it.

Take a look, see what you think it is?

After high tea at Raffles, we decide to take a long walking tour and come across another cake store, they too have cakes decorated like this. On my own now, I ask to speak to the chef (I just have to find out what it is), he explains to me that it is a plastic tube filled with liquor, so as to not make the cake soggy it is not added until you are ready to eat it, then you squeeze the tube, the liquor soaks into the tube and you have a lovely fresh liquor cake.

He also tells me, many customers just pull it out and drink the liquor - trust Singapore - always something new and interesting!

Liquor pipettes

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  1. Hi would you kindly let me know the name of this place?