Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Sands Sky Park

The helix bridge and the sands sky park

At previous conventions there was much excitement about the newly opening sky park in Singapore.
Emma was studying it at school and we all decide we must visit to marvel at the engineering.
Gabe's Home Schooling had been filled with facts and figures and building details.

We had studied Helixs and the DNA structures that make up the bridge shape and the kids were so funny running through shouting to each other "look we're in a helix - if we're together does that make it a double helix"
Then laughing hysterically at themselves.

The shopping mall at the front wasn't finished yet, but we walked through what appears to be ultra expensive stores to go up the elevator into the sky tower.

It was expensive - around AUD$70 for 2 adults and 2 children, so we decided Daryll would take the kids up and take some photos for me.
 They disappeared up the tower.
They were a little disappointed to discover that they were only allowed on the 'tip of the boat' the rest was reserved for people staying at the hotel, so the magnificent pools and gardens we had heard of were off limits.

Look at the tiny specks on the top - they are people!

Would we recommend the visit - difficult call, if you haven't been up towers before - sure.
If you have and enjoy walking around on what appears to be the bow of a ship - sure.

Did I stop feeling sick once my kids were off the top of this structure - yes, but not before!

Otherwise, well, take a look at the pictures here and decide.

  • Amazing views,
  • marvellous constructions
  • good feng shui for singapore - No!
  • water this high above the buildings - No!
Interesting to see how this pans out for Singapore.

Views over Singapore from the Sky Tower

The 'deck' of the Sky Tower

Singapore Panorama

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