Sunday, October 31, 2010

Songs of the Sea Singapore

After our lovely walk through Sentosa by night, we stumbled across a late night sounds and light show on the beach called Songs of the Sea.

Amazing Water spouts and projections

We had missed the beginning, but by strange twist of fate as we arrived, were handed 4 tickets which were not going to be used with the lovely offer of please go in and enjoy (more beautiful gifts for us - thank you)

We entered and it was amazing.

I think the tickets are only worth around $10 each and it is worth it!

It is set on the beach (bleachers lined up all around the sands) with singers and dancers as good as any stage show, there is a set lined up around the ocean depicting a village where water is sprayed into the air and then holograms are projected onto the water creating amazing images of faces singing floating in the air and remarkable scenes.

A ghostly face singing projected into the spray

Added to this are spectaular fireworks and a historical story of some further history of the villages of Singapore (always good to add in some education with all events).

For the kids it is a delightful story entwined about frienship with the lead being a sweet fish called Oscar.

It is a terrific family event and one that could be enjoyed by everyone.

Upon leaving we were told as we were holding tickets to the show, we could have free public transport home and discounts if we wanted to buy anything - thanks again for our many blessings that just seem to continue along this wonderful journey!