Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Past experiences in Bali into modern times

Sacred Mt Kintamani in Java
Growing up surrounded by a family of female intuitives, that were all 'wild childs' in their own way with a love of life, travel and people. I guess it was always in the wind that I too, would end up with a fascination for the unknown, the unseen and the paths less travelled.

I have been very fortunate in my life to meet some of the most amazing people and travel to the remotest destinations in the world and I would love to share some of these experiences with you.

I have been privileged to be invited to Animist funerals in Sulaweisi (Tanah Torajah), hiked through the jungles of Zaire to trek into the deep forest in search of the treetop nests of the silver back gorillas & experiencing them in their native environment. I assisted in leading one of the first western tour group into Inner Mongolia - arriving by Army aircraft hanger, seated on deck chairs with goats and chickens flying through the plane. We stayed with the horsemen and their families in traditional yurts and as privileged guests, partaking in just a little too much of the local rice wine (for the uninitiated - this may be better known as turps or rocket fuel).
I have taken tour groups through Nepal, Borneo,Thailand, Egypt, Bali, Java, Singapore, China & delighted in their discoveries.
We shared amazing experiences with Chi (Qi/Chee/Ch'i - energy)  masters who confused our minds with their supernatural abilities.

Prayer Poles in Bali
There are many more stories or travel, friendships & experiences to share, yet 1 place remains my spiritual home - Bali - the land of the Gods.
I lived here for 6 years about 20 years ago.
Part of my lifestyle here, became the constant study of the Hong Sui (Balinese Feng Shui) under the ever watchful eye of 'Papa' a local master who had received the calendar information passed down from generation to generation.
Daily activities included photography (to pay the bills - with worldwide magazines), visits to the local witch doctors anytime people had an ailment. An amazing experience in itself - where some of the things we saw simply defies logic or scientific explanation.
On one occasion the Balian (witch doctor/healer/shaman) reached into the patients stomach (amidst quite a bit of blood and muck) and pulled out an egg - pretty much looked like a chickens egg to me!
He explained that someone had placed negative energy upon this person and was psychically attacking them. Taking the egg he broke it open to reveal the entire egg was full of rusty nails, a feather, some dirt, old rice and a few other bits and pieces.
Observing the patients stomach - there appeared to be no sign of any damage - other than she was covered in muck.
I have observed all manner of trickery with phenomenon like this, however, the patient began to get better, the next day most of her symptoms has disappeared and over a very short period of time she returned to perfect health.
Perhaps - it was a trick and perhaps it was all in the placebo effect - but hey - who cares - she got better!
If someone can trick her into believing that she was now well and soon after she was - then bring on the placebo..... I'm all for it.

Many things in life cannot be explained, many are tricks, however, as I travel the globe endlessly walking the path less travelled I meet with so many experiences and look forward to sharing some with you.........

Now, the reason for this blog ?
Certainly to share some ideas & experiences, yet, here we are 20 years on and in a few weeks we are set to return to Bali (together with 2 children now).

I wonder what has changed, what is the same, what experiences life has in store for us.......... I hope to share some here with you soon.


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