Sunday, May 3, 2015

UC Silver - Breathtaking!

Half way between Ubud and Sanur you may notice an amazing site of huge metal dragonflies all over a building with weird carvings.
This is the home of UC silver!
The level of amazement begins as you enter through the gates but it certainly doesn't stop there. As soon as you arrive you will be ushered down to the workroom where you can see all the pieces being hand made (I don't think I'll ever stick a silver fork in my moth without first appreciating the work in it again).

It is fascinating to realise how much in the way of jewellery you had taken for granted or never even thought about before. Once you have finished in the workroom, you will be ushered up to the showroom. The upstairs level is reserved for the seriously wealthy, with outrageous price tags, one water jug I liked was US$6000.00, however its free to browse and its pretty interesting.

The downstairs showroom is still expensive but possibly affordable, especially compared to Western prices. 

There is no obligation to purchase anything and although a sales person will follow you around with an ever present basket to put your choices in, you can thank them and leave with nothing but a ngreat experience.
There is no entry fee and if you have a spare 15-60 minutes, it is definitely worth the look.

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