Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A busy (normal) day in Ubud

I have been so busy experiencing Bali (& yes I have soooooo much to share with you) that I haven't as yet found time to write much

Today for example:
Firstly I did an amazing workshop to release any energy blockages around perfect relationships.

Then bought Emma a take away pizza and managed to drive home on the motorbike with one hand whilst clutching the pizza box I'd loosely attached to the back of the bike (getting talented)

Then decided to sit in the hammock and do some emails. Emma woke me up at 4.30pm to go (wow, that session must have really shifted some stuff to sleep all day.

Next off to our hoopyogini class, so now I can do yoga and hula hoop at the time - is there no end to these amazing skills to be learnt here.

BTW - I can now do yoga and hula hoop all at the same time - go me!

Quick dinner at Biah Biah which cost all of $7.50 for both of us for 4 dishes and 2 freshly squeezed juices

Then up to Bar Luna for a speakeasy/writers night with the wonderfully talented speakers/authors/writers of Ubud.

A fun speakers night at Bar Luna (under Casa Luna)

Later at home - I can catch up with my aussies friends via facebook, skype and messages.

Now on to some office work, what's not to love about this place.

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