Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ubud to release your karma

I was in a meeting recently with my Indonesian teacher (learning bahasa Indonesian) when the topic led into all things metaphysical.

He had a really interesting viewpoint on how life Exists and plays out in Ubud.

He had come from a rather difficult background, with some choices in his life that did not necessarily fit with his community. He shared with me how he thought he would have a fresh start once he arrived in Bali. However he quickly discovered that rather than a fresh start it was in fact a place where you have to bring up all of your past.

To many people Bali is known as the land of the gods however he likens it to the land of your karma

Thinking that he would have a fresh start once he arrived he was ready to embrace his new life, to begin fresh, to be in a place where nobody knew him and to have a brand-new beginning.

Awakening ready to start his new life he quickly discovered that rather than begin something new everything that he had not dealt with in his past seem to come into his present. Everything that he had run away from was right here ready to face him. Every relationship he left with unfinished business seem to appear in another person in Ubud.

He said his first month was the most difficult, but in fact his past, just kept hitting him in the face until one day he found the need to stop to listen to face his past events.

He went on to explain to me that he believes everyone here is really lucky, as it is the most beautiful place in the world to face in the past and to heal your karma. It is a place where, when you're feeling uncertain and unsettled, or perhaps a little fragile about past events. you can find a space to breathe, you can go out into the rice fields and experience beauty, serenity and a sense of wonderment.

Yes your past certainly hits you in the face - but it also gives you the space in which to heal and release it if you are prepared to look deeply within yourself.

If you are able to do this, there is certainly a plethora of healers teachers and intuitive healing in place in Ubud that will assist you to find who you really are, to unlock the blockages that are holding you back and to move forward in life.

He said me that you can choose to deny it if you want to, but he observes that every person that comes to live (longer term) Ubud is either searching for something or running away from something. What an interesting thought to reflect upon.

This may not apply to the holidaymakers but most of the people that I have found that have come to live in Ubud for personal reasons seem to fit this category. Some of them may not even realise that this is the reason they are here, they have simply come and felt at home and decided to stay. With this choice life unfolds around them.

He said over the years he has worked as a teacher, he has had many conversations with people that have become his students and through all of them he is found the generally if people are prepared to look deeply within themselves their healing space spans three months.

I shared with him that I found that really interesting because although wonderful this past month has certainly bought up all manner of things in my past that I have had to look at. It has been a wonderful experience of great food, fantastic views, amazing people I have met and a joyful situation where I feel safe to look at my past.

I will travel to australia for 6 weeks, then return where I have rented another house for the next two months. Interestingly it is in a location that is very readily accessible to the healers and the support systems which I need in place for my healing and then I have found a secluded paradise where I totally feel at home, which has become available to me in the month after that.

He joyfully laughed, clapping his hands and said "yes, yes, that is wonderful you have already done your main healing, the next two months you face your deep healing and then at the end and I know you will achieve it you have been given a great prize".

Of course this is his viewpoint and his opinion on life although for me at the moment it fits very closely with what I have also experienced.

I look forward to the unfolding mysteries and awakenings that is life in Bali.

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