Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Definitely not what you'd expect in a Balinese restaurant!


Theatre restaurant and stage show

I've shared with you a few local places lately, focusing on elegance and high tea. So it may surprise you that there's a bit more to Bali than just these - no? Didn't think so, you know Bali too well now to be surprised!

So for a fun night out with the kids that's pretty wacky, if you're down south way, in Seminyak, you may like Frankensteins laboratory

CLICK HERE for the full story 

Suffice it to say it was a fun night out.
Lately they have have been offering some special events including a hypnotist show, which I'm sure would be pretty amazing.

For a hole in the wall style cafe, they do an amazingly professional show at great prices.

The look on the other motorbike riders faces as my daughter rode home in full make up was worth the entire event. Lots of fun!


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