Thursday, February 12, 2015

Where are my kids and are they OK? Dad misses his kids and sends them a music message.

My marriage has never been conventional, we both chose to walk the path less travelled, we come together and share, we journey on our own, the children are deeply loved by both of us and for the time being (at least for a couple more weeks) they are both with myself.

Selfishly, I am adoring having them both here, my son is almost a grown man now, heading off soon on his own journeys, but as all loving parents know, you set them free, you educate them, you give them opportunities and then you hold your breath, hoping the wind will catch their wings and they will soar in their own chosen field and adventure on their own journeys.

I firmly believe travel can be a game changer for children, they experience the world, different cultures, different places, different lifestyles and if you have done it well, they will experience all this with safety, guidance and an open heart.

We learn maths through currency conversions, we study geography by being there, human relations - nothing like chatting to the local villagers where we find ourselves each day. Art and culture, immersed in it! English and literature - we meet the people who wrote the stories, travelled the world and came back to share about it.

But sometimes a Dad can't convey what he needs to see through skype, an email or a phone chat.

Intimately, I would like to share with you a song written for kids he is currently missing:
Words and music by Daryll Mitchell - For my kids!

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