Thursday, February 12, 2015

You're on Your Own Lovely - But I'll Miss You!

Past readers may recall the post where my husband decided not to hold me back from this adventure, but also decided it wasn't for him.

There's definitely a few stories in there to share with you - it certainly hasn't been without its trials and melancholy and possibly even some confusion and heartache. I think one day there's even a book in me about this personal relationship journey.

But for now, we are separated by the water / time / distance - each with our own personal journey, our own paths that are separate (sometimes so separate it seems like the horizon has dimmed in the moonlight) yet intermingled and awaiting the next chapter.

Together or apart, I express my heart through words, Daryll expresses through writing and playing music.

I'd love to share an intimate moment with you (filmed roughly with a go pro in our kitchen)

Words and music by Daryll Mitchell - for my wife!

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