Monday, September 27, 2010

A day Spa for kids!!!!

Having been given some money by a very dear friend before we left with a note that read "get something nice for YOU"

Holiday Inn Day Spa Entrance
I was a little bewildered as to what I wanted to buy in Bali, oh sure, there is tonnes of 'stuff' but - we used to live here, I came dangerously close to liaising with a furniture shipping agency, but that's another story, but what else to buy.

There is: Copy DVD's, silver jewellery, batiks, arts and crafts galore, paintings, clothing, hats, wooden penis's (yes, we are currently looking into the significance of this one - any comments or knowledge please post here re this one - the kids found these enormous pointed things that hang everywhere most amusing and I am sure there is a cultural significance somewhere), but I digress ......... lost in phallic confusion!

There's crash hats and bracelets made of $2 coins, wooden carvings of just about anything you can imagine, stone carvings and on the list continues, but I have what I need in these, so ....... what to do...........

I thought I would take the money home and go out for lunch with this dear friend, but then we are handed a flyer offering 20% off (apparently given to all guests - and for the record, if you are going, I was later told up to 40% if you ask for it - so try that one on) on 'mummy and me' day spa treatments.

Yes, I know, feeling rather like Katie Holmes and Surin, Emma and I stroll to the Holiday Inn day spa, Yes they have 'just the package for us'.

We are enticed into receiving a special "mummy and me" pampering.
Where they promise for 90 minutes (which turned in 3 hours actually) to polish our toe nails, finger nails and provide De'cleor facials.

They entice Emma further by offering Strawberry scented cream for her tootsies.

Too gorgeous........... Daryll insists it will be perfect for us both.

We arrive back 30 minutes later and are ushered into the beautiful waiting room.
Serene music is playing, the fish swim past the glass walled rooms, Emma gazes up with the look of the princess in heaven and waits outside watching the fish.

We are handed warm scented face washers for our hands and a delicious ginger and honey tea.

Ah yes, Emma's diva has emerged now, she is in her element "oh, thank you so very much, my dear" she says to the therapist "just delightful" as she sips her tea.

Forget Emma the traveller, Emma the worshipped and adored has now fully emerged and is rightfully claiming her place amongst the glamorous.

She shrugs her shoulders, flicks back the hair and flounces over to the desk with her empty cup "divine" she tosses at them, gently handing her cup to those who now wait upon her.

We are taken to a beautiful room, scented with lemongrass, peppermint and frangipanis. Our nails and hands are massaged, treated, buffed, polished and painted. Mine with colour and Emma's with tiny little flowers.
She gazes down approvingly and says to her therapist (in a most sing song lovely voice) "just charming - thank you".

We are then escorted to a beautiful room (having previously dressed in most peculiar disposable underwear and soft robes) and relaxed down for our facials.

All up for the 2 of us for 3 hours it cost 790,000rp (around AUD$100), it could be done at the local shop up the road for a fraction of this price, however we felt based on what we would pay in Australia for a similar service and the beautiful surroundings - it was good value. (however, remember we later learnt YOU may ask for a discount if you visit here). We felt as the Holiday Inn had provided so many 'free' services to us during this stay and the room upgrade, we wanted to honour them by purchasing this lovely service from them.

I wrangled a little with the 'lifestyles of the rich and famous' here, but it truly was a lovely experience and a great opportunity to share together, which Emma is still glowing about and telling people about her "mummy and me" day at the spa.

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