Monday, September 20, 2010

Ubuds Monkey Forest

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Ubuds Monkey Forest

At the end of Monkey forest road, lies the famous Ubud monkey forest.

It is filled with tourists and there now is a fee of 20,000rp per adult and 10,000rp per child which allows the privilege of wandering through a hot and humid forest with eyes and ears required in more places than when you have children (no mean feat).

Jaded by tourists, there are signs to remind you to remove hats, glasses, jewellery and watch your back packs from monkey stealing.

Everywhere there are tourists bending down to look at the “cute little monkeys” only to find they are shortly alleviated of their worldly possessions.

In the centre is a small pond which whilst we were there the monkeys took to playing chasey in. The leapt in and out of the water, diving underwater only to have a larger monkey leap in and rip them out by the neck to begin the chase all over again.

Yeah right - they SEEM cute (for now!)
If you haven’t seen monkeys, it’s worth a look, but do take great care of possessions, don’t try and pick them up or hold them and watch where you are walking as they can turn on you quite quickly.

None the less, it is quite fascinating the see them leaping from trees, running after each other and the tiny babies are so cute with virtually no hair on their heads, clinging to the underbelly of their mother.

A feeling every mother knows
Every so often you come across a mother with children climbing all over her and a look on her face that is familiar to mothers worldwide the “what can you do” look of just allowing the kids to run amok for a little while to gain some much needed rest.

Monkey Babies play fighting
Leaving the Monkey Forest and walking back up monkey forest rd (Jalan Monkey Forest) you will be surrounded by exquisite restaurants and guest houses. Rather than wondering where to eat or stay, the choice will be how many can you fit in, in your visit.

Don’t worry about pre-booking, there are plenty here to choose from and most of the gorgeous little villas and guest houses are not ion the internet, hence you won’t find them prior, nor find them all booked out when you arrive.

Another delight that awaits, which the world seems not to have fully caught on to yet, is the culinary genius that exists in Ubud (and so I am told - around most of Bali now)

Ahhh - Earl Grey Tea!
Great Ubud dining
Whilst the original Nasi Goreng (fried rice) and Mie Goreng (fried noodles) still abound, they are somehow more up market now and the other offerings are an absolute delight. You are sure to fine something you adore here.

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