Thursday, September 16, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane

The day arrived  - well technically it was still night – that early in the morning, but never mind!

We were off, arrived at the airport & checked in with 2 children so excited one was almost being sick.

A quick cup of tea and time to board, well…. Ballgown in mind, we drifted elegantly through the airport, entered the ‘special’ upstairs queue & waltzed down the aisle to our allocated seats, arriving we looked at the people sitting in our seats, “oh excuse me” we inquired “we think you are in our seats”. “Don’t think so” they said and went back to looking out the window, we rechecked the seat allocation, checked ‘their’ seats & motioned to the flight attendant.

The attendant politely asked to see their boarding passes and then whispered amongst themselves, before asking if we would mind waiting in the aisle for a few moments.

Yes it turns out, we have both been allocated the same seat numbers and well… they were there first, arrrgghh Music screeches to a halt in my mind.

I am temporarily seated n the attendants seat whilst they sort it out, ah well, never mind, they tell me, the children have their window seats, Daryll is seated in the aisle, “it is only your seat Mrs Mitchell, that has been double booked”

People all around offer their seats and offers of assistance to look after the children if I get seated elsewhere.

Hmmm, I hold back a small smile as the thought of the possibility of having to be seated in 1st class all on my own whilst Daryll & the children are sadly missing me back in economy.

I assure the people around me it is all OK and I will make the best of any situation that occurs.

Just as I am getting used to the idea, it is all sorted.

Emma & I get 2 window seats, Gabe gets 3 in the middle and Daryll 2 in the front row with plenty of leg room – all good!              

Ah well, probably lonely in 1st class I convince myself!

We settle in when suddenly I am washed over with seasickness – what! I am on a plane, not a boat!

No way, no one ever told me that when people walk up and down the downstairs of a plane the smaller top part of the plane wobbles around and from side to side.

I brace myself & look out the window, a wave of nausea washes over me.

Daryll looks around as if to ask ‘having a great time’?

He takes one look at my shade of grey and passes me a chi disc, amazing, I hold onto it for a few moments and start to f3eel human again, all around us, people are not looking the best, Emma looks up and says “mummy I feel sick”

I reluctantly pass her the disc and in a few moments her colour returns too.

Soon, we are up, up and away and the plane stops the awful rocking, we settle in and the remainder of the flight is pretty pleasant, the kids watch endless movies, the seats are comfortable and even when the lady in front reclines her seat to 1.5mm from my nose and my tea nearly shoots scorchingly up my nose, there’s still enough room to recline and settle in well.

We were on the A380 & it sure beats the others flights we’ve previously taken.

Half way through we notice a few cheeky passengers peeping up the spiral staircase, ah yes, I think “perhaps your turn next time”

The kids are given special meals and toys, vegetarian requests are met – wonders never cease! & ice creams are offered around, after so many budget airline trips, Singapore air win this one hands down.

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