Thursday, September 16, 2010

Legian and Seminyak

Durians growing
Arriving in Bali, we were met by all the usual pungent smells and sounds, Durian (which oh so slightly resembles stale vomit) mixed with the exquisite  frangipani perfume.

Arriving late at night, the streets were warm and still busy, but slightly more serene than in the heat of the day.
We checked in to the Three brothers inn in Legian and walked through what seemed to be acres of garden (we later learnt that we were right near the opposite end to reception)

The kids flopped down on the bed when suddenly Emma shrieked “what’s that” pointing to the roof and backing up the bed to get away …… she had discovered her 1st gecko (lizard) tiny, sweet, yet very loud creatures. After learning what it was she let out a sigh of relief and explained “oh, phew, I thought it was a baby crocodile”.
Hair Braiding at the Three Brothers Inn (Legian)

The boys went for a midnight walk and came back well stocked with water and treats.
The next morning we were able to have a look around and whilst the hotel was quite pleasant, especially for a backpackers, our room had certainly seen better days and we only had a booking for 2 days available.

We decided that was fine and we would easily find another hotel. It turned out however, that this weekend was Idul Fitri one of the largest Muslim festivities and everywhere was full. We hired a driver to take us to hotel after hotel all turning up with nothing, eventually we made our way to our old favourite hotel – formerly known as ‘Rum Jungle Hotel’, it now goes by the name of ‘Kusnadi’.

The staff could not have been more accommodating and pleasant and yes they had a room for us, the only concern was that for the 3 nights we wanted to stay, it was not the same room, in fact we would need to move every day.
Never mind, after being unable to get anything else we happily checked in and they advised us, just leave your bags each day and we will move them to the next room for you, now you may see that as a huge inconvenience, but we thought “how many guests here get to try nearly ALL the rooms?”

Feeling most special, we trotted off for lunch.
Bali has certainly come of Age in the food arena, we feel like we are in Jamie Oliver's kitchen for every meal. What a delight.
Durian Tree at The Three Brothers Inn

Whilst where we are choosing to eat, the days of rock bottom prices are gone – the quality is amazing and we are spending on average around AUD$25-40 per meal for the 4 of us, including drinks and desserts. Sure, we could do it cheaper in wurungs and on the beach and if we were here long term we probably would, but as they say, ‘so many places to eat, so little time’. We are determined to try something new each day.

We loved Tekor (right on the beach near Jalan 66 in Seminyak), our old favourite Aromas still serves great vegetarian food, we had a terrific evening watching a movie on the glass atrium roof of the Seaside bar (well at least until the monsoon kicked in and sent everyone scrambling) also near Jalan 66.

Bali now has dairy products, a far cry from when we used to live here, so there are milkshakes, ice creams, frozen frappes and all the things we westerners seem to love.
However, so far hands down the best we have had was the divine salads at Casa Luna in Ubud and (sorry can’t remember the name) a fabo little art gallery served us frozen frappes of mint and lime juice that were simply divine (also in Ubud).

However, Ubud is another blog, I digress, back to Seminyak……………… if you are staying at Kusnadi, request the penthouse 10,000rp per night more (around AUD$1.20) and you have the entire rooftop pavilion and open air bathroom/balcony to yourself.
It was full for us, but hey, we got to try most others.

Sure this area, is busy, traffic is crazy, beaches are a bit mad, but the prices are good with the beach side hawkers and what trip to Bali would be complete without a visit to these famous areas, just watch out for the unauthorised money changers………….. check out the next blog!

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