Sunday, September 5, 2010

How to donate to The Bali Orphanage - thank you!

What a lovely response we have had from so many people who care - thank you - really touching.
We have chatted with the sisters today and they have asked another favour of us - they are hoping we can spend some time there teaching the children English - of course, we would love to - so our brief stay may be turning into something a little longer now.

The orphanage can be found at whilst they do have a paypal account, it takes up rather large fees, so they have requested us to give the cash to them in person if possible.

As there are ATM's in most locations around Bali - the easiest is to drop it into our commonwealth bank with the identifier "ORPHANAGE" so we know it is a donation for them, we will add up the donations, pull it out of our bank account at the daily conversion rate and use it to either hand over in person or purchase the educational resources they are wanting.

I am a little nervous to post our bank account details in a blog, so if you would be so kind as to zip me an email to "mailto:'" with the header something along the lines of "bank account details for orphanage" we will zip you straight out the banking details and once you deposit, we will make sure they get it.
You can add you name and amount in the email if you like and we will make a card (or email once we return) from everyone, you can even send your image in a jpg and if I get really savvy I may post them all in a blog.

If you can get it there ASAP we will give it to them next week, however if it is later than this - that's still fine as we can allow it to accumulate and then transfer in 1 lump sum (so there is only 1 paypal fee) .

I am not exactly sure the paypal fees in Bali, but I know in China it costs US$30 to receive a payment, so it costs more than they get if it is under $30 - the 1 transfer should solve this.

My assistant will be checking emails whilst we are away and should be able to zip them out to you each evening.

The Qi Gong girls were great last week with many people donating $5-$15 (it doesn't sound like a lot - but from many people it adds up to being able to put it towards something pretty special fairly quickly)

Thanks for your support............... we'll post some pictures and stay in touch soon

(4.5 days and counting!)

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